Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bunny's gifts

That Easter Bunny is a rather goofy critter. He is forever feeding someone's gardening habit. This year he brought a Pooka 2 peace out beans. Supposedly as they grow they will say Peace out on them. Perfect for the little hippy gardener. He also brought some purple dragon carrots and some watermelon radishes. Because who wants to grow orange carrots or red radishes. He also left her a small gift card to her favorite nursery. Who knows what that will get her.
Beans and carrots and radishes
I think the Easter bunny knows a Pooka. She also got purple canning jars with purple and red lids. I think this was one of the things she was most excited about, especially since she has been asking for them ever since she saw a picture of them on the internet. If I know a Pooka, she is already thinking about what she wants to have in there. Maybe Purple basil Jelly?
Jars and lids
The biggest surprise was a rain barrel that arrived via the bunny. He said it was "for the family" but we all know who it was really meant for. Pooka for the garden and Daddy so he doesn't have to water the front beds. Since it is rather plain, Pooka and I have talked briefly about painting some flowers or something on it to brighten it up. Now, if that happens before or after Daddy gets the thing installed, who knows. 
Rain barrel

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