Preserving Totals 2013

Since the Science experiment garden had such a great yeild last year, Pooka, Daddy and I learned to can, freeze and dry our own foods. But we never had a good tally of everything we put away. This year I hope to change that in hopes that we can do a bit better planning each year. While most of the things are grown in our science experiment garden, I will admit not everything is. Things that were mostly bought on sale from the grocery store will have an * next to it. There are times you must admit that you are not completely self sufficent.

Canning totals for 2013
Cherry limeade concentrate*: 6 -pints
Strawberry jam*: 16 -1/2 pints
Basil Jelly: 5 -1/2 pints
Basic Tomato Salsa - 6 half pints
Fridge Kosher Garlic Dill Pickles - 1 -1/2 pint
Fridge Kosher garlic dill pickles -3 -pints
Classic Dill spears - 10- pints
Classic Dill chips - 3 - pints
Spicy Fridge Kosher Garlic Dill Pickles - 1 -1/2 pint
Rainbow Salsa -11- pints
Crushed Tomatoes - 6- quarts
Pickled Hot peppers-1-1/2 pint
Death Pickles - 1-1/2 pints
Peach Jam - 24 half pints - Peaches from neighbors tree
Lazy peach preserves - 4-Pints

Dried Herb
Itemtotal harvested in oz

Dried Basil 3.625
Dried Cilantro 0.25
Dried Sage 1
Dried Purple Basil  0.375
Dried Oregano 1
Dried Lemon Balm 1.125
Dried Parsley 1
Dried Tarragon 0.75
Dried Thai basil 0.75
Dry Thyme 0.375
Garlic Powder 0.875
Dry bay leaves 0.125
Dry Dill 0.125

Freezing totals for 2013
1 Pint Purple Basil Pesto
2 Pints Basil Pesto
7 3\8 oz of sweet peppers

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