Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Containing the madness

Well, yesterday I did it. I contained the tomato madness. It's not pretty, it is definitely function over form, but it seems to be holding back the madness of the tomatoes and it actually looks alot less like a passing child might be eaten by it.

During lunch yesterday, I went out in the back yard with a few more poles. They are just cheap plant stakes (The plastic coated ones) and some zip ties. Daddy had done some work previously with the same poles and string, but since he has that whole Eagle Scout knowledge base, he knew what he was doing. I was doing what I seem to be doing with all this gardening stuff. Throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Anyway, we made one really big cage for the tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. The poles overlap and are either tied or zip tied (hey, they were reuseable zip ties, so it was green) to the verticle poles. It is holding pretty well and it has some supports either by triangles or just plain rope to keep it from falling outward by holding it to the trellis.  

The end was too long for one of the stakes without cutting it (And since my time frame for this was while the kids were eating lunch, I didn't have time to cut much). So instead I strung the Kite string I found between the trellis under the deck and the steaks. Again, not pretty, but its allowing the celery some sunlight. Something it hasn't had much of since the cherry tomatoes over-ran his area. 

Talking of the celery here is a current picture. It has grown some, but not as big an explosion as say the tomatoes. I think alot of that is that he is being overshadowed by said tomatoes. That and I need to check if he's a cool weather plant. (Anyone want to save me a trip to Google and know the answer to that one?) 

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