Thursday, June 14, 2012

A busy few days

After a super busy weekend, and a even busier week (Daddy and I realized this week and next will be nuts, then we will hopefully fall into a routine for the summer). The garden has been a bit neglected. Not horribly, it was still being watered more days then not (missed a day or 2 over the weekend).

Anyway, I went outside yesterday and actually looked at it. Strangely enough, I have lettuce growing. I was shocked. I never expected it to grow, but hey, luck is on my side, since it's certainly not skill. One of the 2 window box planters I planted it in is growing like mad. The second hasn't sprouted yet, but I think thats mostly due to it only being 7 days yesterday and the package said 7 to 10 days for sprouts. And while I don't remember which seeds I planted where (I really need to pay better attention to that next year). It is growing.

In other surprising news, the herbs I had literally given up on (and bought plants of) started sprouting too. So now we have Basil and Oregano sprouting. I really need to stop giving up on things. Oh well, more herbs means more to eat right and maybe at the end of the summer I can keep them alive indoors since they are in pots.

I also have some cucumbers really getting to good size. I haven't really seen much for the tomatoes or the peppers, but I know they are blooming and just hoping I will walk out there and see signs of color in the mass of tomatoes. Or maybe I am hoping for too much. I just don't know yet.

All in all, its growing, and with this cooler weather (Compared to the GIANT heat issue we had a few weeks ago) I think its helping but I don't know for sure. I know its helping the stupid morning glory. That thing has climbed the entire trellis and is almost taller than me. But it is Pooka's garden, so as long as she is happy with the darn thing (And she is, she checks every morning for new flowers) then that's all that matters, I guess. (these were there yesterday morning).

Oh and one last science experiment since I could. I pulled some garlic out of the fridge yesterday and it had sprouted. I took it outside and put 2 cloves in the ground. I found a bit of space around the pepper plant the most beat up from the bugs. Maybe the garlic will help protect it, or it will be fertilizer. We will see.

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