Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Finally, starting to see some results.

So after another weekend of neglecting the garden (and a huge downpour of rain during that) Pooka was finally excited to see some results.

We went out this morning and found our first tomato. Its still tiny and green, but its a start.

We also saw a strawberry starting to turn red. That required me to remind Pooka she can't pick it till I tell her.

The garlic cloves we planted only a few days ago are growing great guns. They have at least a few inches of growth on them and the lettuce is starting to show lettuce shaped leaves.

The Snap Dragons (which are a favorite of mine because my grandmother always grew them so they would "talk" to me) are starting to flower. I am kinda excited over this one.

Before this year, my general rule for gardening was throw it in the ground and forget it was there until like July. This year since I am out there, I am noticing spots on the leaves of different plants. Now, I still don't know what the heck that means, but my dear sister S gave me a book on organic type gardening so we will see how that works (and if I am smart enough to figure it out from a book).

Oh and for the record, the morning glory (Now referred to as Audrey) is in fact, taller then me (she keeps trying to grow off the top of the trellis even as I keep winding her back down). Big thing I learned from this plant is to READ THE PACKAGE.

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