Friday, June 22, 2012


Pooka's picture of her harvest
This morning we went outside to pull the 2nd strawberry and I realized we had some cucumbers ready. Our first cucumbers from the garden. We had 3. Pooka was so excited, she asked if she could have them after dinner as desert (gotta love veggie loving kids). They are a tad small, but with that heat wave we had, I am not as surprised.

Pooka's picture of her cucumber plants

However, I love how the cucumbers have started to climb the trellis on the bottom of the deck. Its going to hopefully make keeping on top of the cucumbers  and harvesting alot easier. 

Another Pooka picture of the other cucumber plants
So I ask you all: got any good canning recipes for cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers?? I plan on making a bit of salsa, and some pasta sauce. I have ideas of what I want but no real idea on how to do it. Now to figure out the procedure to go from idea to reality.

Hello. Ms. Dragon
Remember the snapdragons I told you about. Well they finally bloomed and Pooka loves showing people how they "talk". She is asking multiple times a day if she can take Sister S's baby out there "So I can have the snap dragon teach her to talk."
I have a feeling these may become a staple around here. (And for all those people I know are saying it "Yes, I know they are pink. The package was a multi-color, so hopefully the rest of them will be other colors" )

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