Saturday, June 30, 2012


This morning Pooka, Daddy and I made refrigerator pickles. Daddy did the slicing while Pooka and I made the brine. Pooka helped me put the herbs in the jars and pour the cooled brine. They will be ready in 7 days, but Pooka was just excited to be canning and using the stuff from her garden. She told me yet again today how much she loves her garden.

Pooka's picture of her pickles
We had run out of "store bought" pickles and I knew later this summer I will have cucumbers coming out of my ears, but I didn't want to buy another set of pickles when I can make them cheaper and the interwebs have recipes for free. Sadly, we didn't have enough cucumbers yet (so a quick trip to the store was involved), but we did use her new dill plant. And we made the refrigerator ones so we could eat them sooner. 

So now to wait 7 days and see if they taste like anything. Wish us luck. 

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