Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Butterfly Snacks and Seed pouches

Now let me start by saying I did not come up with this wonderful idea. Aunt Stephie sent me a link, which I followed to here. They are super cute and super easy, especially when a Pooka is doing the hard part of painting.

However, I will say we did have a few.... oops that included an emergency pant change on Pooka to get the paint out, and one of my kitchen stools now has red paint all over the top. But it was fun for her.

We started with regular clothespins that were wood. I let  Pooka paint them. I will say I let her do this over 2 days since she painted the tops and then the bottoms.

Painting supplies everywhere

Once all the paint was dry, Pooka and I glued on wiggly eyes. Now, I will say I should of gotten one size smaller of eye balls, but  They worked out okay. You do have to be super careful with this step, since our eyeballs tended to fall off, and well, then you have a cyclops butterfly.
It now has eyes
After your butterfly has gain the ablity of sight, I took a snack baggie and filled it with just goldfish. The model has grapes or something on one wing, but since I didn't want to have to worry about the butterflies going in the fridge until the party, goldfish became the wings. I did do our test butterfly with colored goldfish, but since one of the guests had a food allergy, I stuck with whole wheat ones for the party.
The last step was to take a pipe cleaner, cut it to about 6" or so, curl the ends and put it in the clothes pin for our butterfly's antenna.  Doesn't the butterfly look so cute (aside from the dirty plastic tablecloth)? It was super simple and super cheap party favor. We had the snack bag, the pipecleaners (from another project), and the goldfish, and I spent a dollar on a giant bag of eyes and $2 or so for the clothespins (which came with like 30 of them).

Butterflies and seed pouches
Do you remember the cute little orgami seed pouches? Well, I forgot to take pictures of how to do that one. I got the original idea out of one of our gardening books called "Easy Growing" by Gayla Trail. Her website is You Grow Girl. I can't seem to find the link online on making the pouches. I guess I may just need to keep some secrets.

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