Wednesday, January 16, 2013

As good as her presents

Like most gardeners, The seed catalogs have been arriving. Catalogs that make a Pooka begin to dream and ask lots of questions like "Mommy, whats this? Mommy can we grow this?"

These little gifts are becoming extra presents for a Pooka. They are her new favorite things to read, even tho she has yet to figure out the words. So much in fact, I generally have to hunt for said catalogs if I want to read them and or figure out what we will be doing. When I am lucky, they live on her desk. When I am not lucky... Lets say the pit of a family room.

Pooka has decided she wants to grow Chinese 5 Color Peppers  from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds. To me they seem a bit pricey, and having never ordered seeds from a catalog before (I admit to being a "Ooh, I see this on the display at the store, we should try it" kinda gardener), I am not entirely sure if they are worth it. Or if ordering them at all will save me money or cost more. Now, I will admit that one of Pooka's aunts offered to go in on the 5 color seeds, but with only 15 in the pack, is that enough to split with someone?

These presents for Pooka only go to show me what I have yet to learn, and it seems to be everything. All the sudden, I feel completely lost all over again. I was just starting to feel smart about this whole gardening thing.

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