Monday, January 21, 2013

Birthday time

Pooka is officially a year older. Where the time has gone, I will never know. But yesterday she had her Gardening Science party. I will be the first to admit that a science gardening party is not easy to create. Especially when the birthday child in question greatly dislikes pink and all the "girl garden party stuff" tends to have a TON of pink in them.

I will say since we did her party so late this year, I was able to get spring flowers patterns and butterflies from the party store. I think they were suppose to be for Easter, but if it doesn't have words, so it became a birthday party very easily.

We had a few touches that I will highlight and maybe even do how tos on later. A few weeks ago, Aunt Stephie sent me a link to some clothespin butterfly snack bags. Well, Pooka asked to make some, so she did all the painting, helped me glue it and decide which guest got which one. This was a great way to keep a Pooka busy for a half an hour a day for a few days.

Finished Butterfly

These went in the goody bags or should I say goody pots. At the end of the summer, I found some small terra cotta pots for 5-$1  at our grocery store, and we also made some orgami seed pouches that Pooka put 6 of her homegrown sunflower seeds in one and in the other we found some of her colored carrots that she desperately wanted to share with her freinds. Finding colored carrots seeds, this early is a bit of a challenge and took some looking and a few phone calls.  Pooka even found and picked out different toy bugs for all of her guests. Each guest got a bug she thought would be perfect for them.  The stuff in the bag was lovingly donated by Aunt F who runs her own party store and heard I was a bit behind and sent us a care package. THANK YOU AUNT F. 
Goody Pots

Up until now, it was turning into a bit of a garden party. But we didn't have much to make it science-like. But I had a plan. I had promised Pooka that she could color flowers for her party. So we bought some white flowers (later I found out they are roses or something. Again, flowers are not my thing unless I can eat them) and put them in separate glasses with water that Pooka colored with food coloring.

Coloring flowers
Now I will admit, I didn't do this far enough in advance. I forgot it takes a bit of time to do this project, so by the end of the party, they weren't completely colored, but it was enough Pooka and her guests knew what they should be. We had yellow, orange, red, blue, green, purple and black flowers that were all showing their colors. The yellow and orange show it very well, as do the red, the darker colors just look slightly tinted. Even this morning they are still showing more and more color. I think this is something Pooka will love watching over the next few days. 

Colored flowers 30 hours later
I do not have a picture of the "science table" where Pooka pulled out her microscope from Christmas and her mad scientist kit from Aunt S and her family. That kit had more fun with the kids pretending to mix the chemicals and then making potions. Kids and their imaginations can be enough to entertain them a good chunk of the time.
Those are some of the highlights from the party. Hopefully, I will get some how tos on some of it up later this week. I admit not all my ideas worked the way I wanted them to, but in the end, Pooka loved her party and said it was "Science-riffic" and "The best party ever" and that is all that really matters.

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