Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Garlic... Garlic.. GIANT Garlic

The last couple of mornings Pooka, Brother and I have been out in the front yard. We have been playing with some of the other kids in the neighborhood, and I realized today I was spending alot of time staring at the garlic.
All the stuff out here and the garlic had my attention
Probably a scary amount of time. I noticed we had some giant garlic. It is driving Daddy nuts wondering how big a bulb of garlic these are going to be.
Giant Garlic
 We have medium sized garlic. Here it so hoping they make good bulbs as well.

Medium garlic
In the very back, we have stunted garlic. I remember seeing more sprouts back here, but for whatever reason they have been dying off. I guess this is a good learning moment that there is only so far back there I can put garlic and have it do well.  Now to figure out when to harvest the silly things and to hope I have not been wasting my time with them.
Stunted/dead garlic

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