Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting the herbs for the front bed

On Wednesday, I really wanted to finish the front herb bed. In fact, I was so tired of looking at the holes in the bed. I decided that I would go get the last few plants we needed for it. Off to the nursery...
More herbs
We came home with a bay plant, onion chives, Greek oregano, lemon balm and another rosemary. The rosemary we use so much of it, we always need more. The lemon balm I wanted to try out since it supposedly goes really well with mint to relax a person. The bay Pooka loved the big leaves on it. Brother picked out the Greek oregano and the onion chives.
Laying the plants out
I got the bay home only to really read the tag. Supposedly it could get 25' tall. I guess I will be pruning that back quite a bit. The rest were fairly straight forward and things I was use to growing.

Big bay
 After a bunch of planting, it turns out I still missed a spot. I guess its another trip to the nursery. I am finding I like just dropping them in the ground instead of trying to grow them. I think the herbs will be bought next year.

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