Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Garlic garlic... maybe

On Sunday, I realized I really needed to harvest our garlic. It seemed rather early, and I never did see any scrapes, but everything I read said when it falls over and browns it is time to harvest. Pooka and I went to work. We did this rather early, so Pooka was out there in her nightgown digging. You could not of found a happier child
Garlic has fallen over
 I will admit I think I left some of them too long, so the leaves broke off and I never found the bulb. That means next year I may have volunteer garlic sprouting. Which is not necessarily a bad thing especially if we get bigger bulbs. I do wonder if the reason it died so early is that bed had a bush in it for YEARS and YEARS, and we didn't amend it very well before planting. Something to think of for next year.
Fresh from the ground
As you can see, our bulbs are rather small looking. I think it is about 2 of our bulbs to one from the grocery store. I will have to weigh them later to be sure. Some are certainly bigger then others.
Drying out
Daddy tied them together and hung them in the garage. The smaller set behind them is the first time I harvested and you can see a size difference between the two.
Time to wait for the rest
As you can see, we had some that was still doing pretty good. I am going to leave them until they start to fall over and brown. Which is driving Daddy nuts since he wants to see what the giant garlic plants are doing. Time to wait and see and give them as long as we can. Plus next year we will be making sure to put a ton of compost in this bed. Garlic may be one of those things it takes us a while to get it figured out, but I am not giving up yet.

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