Monday, June 3, 2013

Food glorious food

It is official. The garden is producing.

Pooka's and my morning walk through the garden showed signs of food starting that was more then just leafy veggies.

The peas are going great. In this picture alone, you can easily see 3 but the plant has double that. We are just waiting for them to fill out and we can pick them. We could pick them now as snow peas, but I know both kids love sugar snap peas better.
The green bean plants are producing as well. They are smaller in size, but seem to be happy in their spot. We never seem to get enough for a side of just green beans, but we do get enough to have them as a nice snack for the kids, which I am always willing to let them have.
Here you can see a tiny little tomatillo growing on the back of a flower. If this keeps up, we will have tomatillos coming out of our ears. I think Daddy is as excited as Pooka is for them.
Here is a tiny little cucumber on our tiny little plant. I figured it might take longer to get cucumbers, but the plant is growing and apparently making cucumbers. This is a family staple around here.
Tomatoes. Thats right, I found a tomato on one of the tomato plants. I do need to go through and prune the suckers off the tomatoes (After I re-read how to) but its good to see we are already getting tomatoes. Hopefully we won't be waiting till the last minute to get them like last year.

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