Saturday, June 15, 2013

A surprise for me

Today was a good day. Something that has been rather rare around here. Today is Daddy and my anniversary. We didn't plan on doing much for each other because well, things have been busy. However, I did mention to Daddy that the home improvement store had little dwarf lemon trees when I was there on Friday looking for a tomato cage for my grandmother. Well, that got us a trip to the home improvement store.

When life gives you lemons... Say thank you.
The story behind the lemon tree is that we live in a fairly chilly climate. I never would of thought to get a lemon tree this far north, thinking they were something reserved for those lucky people down south. Then one day I found out a teacher in Kiddo's school had a lemon tree in his classroom. It was a dwarf tree that he would keep in the school all winter and then bring home over the summer and put it on his patio. Well that got the wheels turning and Daddy and I had both thought it would fun to say we owned a lemon tree but we had no idea where to even start looking.
A lemon tree
Fast forward back to today. Daddy said "let's go get you a lemon tree for our anniversary." Well, we did. It even came with almost a dozen little green lemons on it. They are so cute.

Pooka and I came home and immediately got it planted into a pot. The plan is for the lemon tree to come in and live in the computer room when it gets cooler. Pooka said that this one is my lemon tree and she said I should name it. So I decided on Cave Johnson. If you don't know who that is, go here to see the rant on lemons. Now that I have lemons, I will have to get the smart little Pooka to work to make them combustible lemons.
I'm Cave Johnson

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