Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Geometric broccoli going in the ground

As we all know, we have had some scope creeping (explosions) this year. The broccoli romanesco went into the ground on Friday. It seemed to have been doing great in the pots and well, I was trying to clear some room on the deck.

I knew going in not all the pots would fit in the bed with the rest of the broccoli. Since I had 4 pots, I decided to only put the contents of 2 pots in the bed with the rest of the broccoli. The rest was going to get moved over with the bok choy.

Geometric broccoli ready to go
First I got the first 2 in their homes. I know that supposedly broccoli and tomatoes do not get along very well, so I made a point to limit how many broccoli I put in the ground. Hopefully between the limit and the fact that I put cucumbers between them, they should all play nicely for a bit.

Pots one and two with the rest of the broccolli
The second two pots got placed in with the bok choy. I do worry since this so close to where we had broccoli last year, that we may run into a bit bigger pest issue. However, everything has been so wet that the pests are everywhere. I am hoping that as soon as it starts to dry out, things should do better.

Pots 3 and four in the ground as well.

Getting these in the ground officially finishes the back beds. Now to do my daily walks and just watch for pests and weeds and hopefully start harvesting soon.


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