Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's day

If there was ever a weekend to not fall behind on, this would be it. Yesterday was our anniversary where I got Cave Johnson. Today is Father's day, and in true Pooka fashion, even Daddy got a plant. When I asked Pooka what to get Daddy for Father's day, she said she wanted to get him "those peppers he likes that we didn't get."

What she meant was cubanelle peppers. You see when we started the garden, I couldn't find cubanelle seeds for the longest time. I looked but I could only find it on the internet, and Daddy and I agreed had that we didn't need anymore internet orders. I felt bad because even though we had all these plants, this was the only one Daddy had asked that we grow at the end of last summer. I offered to buy the plants, but Daddy said we had enough and I left it at that.

Pooka and her mind like a steel trap remembered these peppers. She said she wanted to get him his peppers. Since I lacked any other ideas (or much time), I agreed. So off to the home improvement store we went to get Daddy's peppers. We also needed a pot to put them in. We came home with these. I have them in water because one pot was super dried out and I wanted to minimalize some of the transplant shock (and I didn't want it falling apart when I took the wrapper off.

Rehydrating the peppers
Pooka helped me fill a pot with dirt and then she dug a hole and filled it with milk. Since peppers do suffer from blossom end rot as well, I figured I would try to prevent it now if possible.

Adding milk to the pot

We put both plants in a bit of an oversized pot and let it go. Now to wait and hope this works since there is no room left in the ground. Pooka even asked if she could buy Daddy a clearance butterfly to make it pretty for him. Happy Father's Day to Daddy and all the other Fathers in the world.
Happy Father's Day Daddy.

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