Saturday, June 1, 2013

Overall Garden picture June 1st

I am going to try something new this year. I want to do a overall set of pictures on the first of every month. We will see how well this works.

Lately that seems to be all Pooka and I are doing is transplanting. So many things have been going into the ground of late, I am just hoping they all come out well and that we get a good harvest.

Garlic in pots and stargazers
 First the pots on the front of the house are doing really well with my stargazers. I do admit that I got impatient (Patience is a something I have always struggled with) and bought more bulbs and planted them. While I was planting the second set, it turned out the first set were growing if slowly, so I moved them up a bit. Now everything is finally poking out.

Front herb bed

The front herb bed is coming along. I still have a few empty spots to fill, but I am hoping to finish getting the herbs from the nursery in the next few weeks. It is so nice to have fresh herbs again.

Garlic bed

The garlic in the front bed is coming along as well. Daddy is facinated with the giant garlic that has been there since last fall. We are all looking forward to seeing what we can get from the garlic and even more interested in if the pots of random herbs and Pooka's Zinnia's work. 

Deck part 1
The back deck is once again covered in plants. From this angle you can't even see the blueberries which are hidden behind Brother's massive potato plants. I fully admit, I need to rearrange the deck a bit to get a better layout. I am hoping to do that once we get a dry day or two.

Deck part 2

The other half of the deck looks much the same. Most of my hanging baskets that were full of romaine lettuce had to be placed on the deck. The ground is so wet, the baskets were slowly pulling their hooks out of the ground.
Squash                                                      Bok Choy

The Bok choy is doing okay. It has bolted some, but I keep pulling the flowers off it. The squash is in a temporary home since I don't know quite where it is going to live yet. I am hoping to figure that out this week as well. Although the squash will be needing a trellis before too much longer.
Snap peas               Beans           Basil          Peppers

The peas are doing great, and we have peas growing currently. The green beans are flowering and will start becoming beans very quickly. If you notice there is some basil next to the beans. I didn't think through things too well and supposedly beans and peppers do not like each other. However, basil is everyones friend and seems to love being in this spot.
Sweet peppers   Green peppers   Tomatillos     Onions

The sweet peppers are still rather hard to see. They were fairly small when transplanted, and I am a bit nervous on how they will do. The green peppers are doing much better and the tomatillos and onions are very happy. We have plently of flowers on the tomatillos and some fruit growing.
Blue Corn
Brother's blue corn is tucked into a corner right now. Six of the seven seeds have sprouted and I have already warned Brother that he will be helping me hand polinate the corn since we do live in the middle of the corn dessert. If this works and we like it, I see alot more corn in our future next year.

Tomatoes     cucumbers                          Broccolli

The tomatoes have begun to flower, and we have a very tiny cucumber growing on our little cucumber plants. The plants have all had lots of new growth, but they still seem small. Of course, I had last years monster plants in mind. The regular broccolli is finally getting bigger, and I don't know for sure if we will get a spring crop, but definatly a fall one if we can nurse it through the summer.

Tomatoes and more tomatoes
Here is the tomato plants. We have plenty of flowers already starting and I am hoping to see fruit begin soon. I think Daddy and I may need to start building cages on the tomatoes on this end. They are getting big already. That and I need to look up on how to prune them. That should help as well.

Jalepenos   Poblanos        Cherry tomatoes     Beefsteak Tomatoes
The far side of the shed is doing okay. Again the Peppers are taking their sweet time, but I see growth and our experience with peppers is that they do this. All the sudden one day they just triple in size and then you get food. The cherry tomatoes had flowers as well. If the rain clear off for a day or so and the polinators can get in to do their jobs, we should have some new tomatoes to try.

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