Sunday, May 3, 2015

If you give a Pooka Seeds

If you give a Pooka seeds, she will be happy. But those seeds will need a home, so Mommy will try to put them in the seed bucket.
Seeds everywhere
Then the seeds will outgrow the seed container, driving a Mommy to wonder how to keep control while a Pooka smiles at all the seeds.

Seeds overflowing
So Mommy had to buy another bucket for the seeds.  (Okay, I am ruining the story here, but I will admit that we had wondered for awhile if I could just find those buckets again. We really love them and they worked perfectly, so when we found this at target, I paid full price just to have the bucket. The purple chives were a bonus).
Yay continer
Pooka and Mommy empty the new bucket and plant the chive seeds (More on that later) and start wondering how to know which seeds go where. 

Empty bucket
Until Mommy remembers they have a label maker and Pooka loves to use it. She loves getting to type out words, so she was happy.
And one label turned into a label for each binder clip. The flowers and the carrots and peas/beans ended up in one bucket
Chive bucket
And the other bucket got the vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and lettuces. Now the seeds are all organized and it is so much simpler to send a Pooka out looking for seeds. 
Dill bucket

Until someone buys Pooka more seeds..

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