Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Update on purple dragon

I know, I fell behind on updates again, things are slowing down for me at least this week, so I am hoping to play catch up. 

Pooka's purple dragon has done well with where it was. It not only sprouted but Pooka has loved the interesting colors of the leaves. This is what it looked like in it's take out container of a cup. 
Purple dragon plant
 It was doing so well, that Pooka asked if we could put it in a pot for her to care for. This will be a container that she can bring in out and keep for as long as the plant survives. We used her faithful blue container that seems to hold just about anything she really wants.  It is currently living on the front porch for now, but I am sure she will be relocating it every time I turn around. Pooka loves her little dragon plant.
Dragon plant in it's new home. 

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