Friday, June 7, 2013

Clearance and Berries

When we first started strawberries last year, it was because we stumbled onto a $3 plant on clearance. It grew well, and made many other little plants and gave us plenty of strawberries as the year progressed. A Pooka was a very happy girl. On Wednesday, Pooka, Brother and I went to Lowes in search of varnish for a non garden related project. I do still sometimes remember to do things for the rest of the house.

We went in through the garden center because it had better parking and I didn't mind the walk since I try to get extra steps each day. Once we were through the gates, Pooka and I saw clearance, a good friend of mine. When we went to investigate, we saw they had strawberry plants for $3 as well as a blueberry bushes.
New berry bushes
Now, I had considered getting a 3rd blueberry bush, but I didn't want to pay full price for another bush. I also know that it is a bit late in the season to get a bush, since you normally want to get them before they have leaves, but this time, I decided to take a chance. I mean $3 is the price of one pint of berries, if I get that, I will consider it even.

We came home with a new strawberry and a blueberry, and a pot. We did manage to get them potted that day. The strawberry went into a pot we had laying around and the blueberry went into the new pot. I forgot to get a picture of the blueberry. However here is a picture of the strawberry.

New strawberry ready to go
Now to water them and hope they grow well and that they can live another year.

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