Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Surprises

Today was a day full of surprises for Daddy, Pooka and I. Pooka woke up and found this little beauty on her morning glory. She was so excited but also asked where the red ones are. I told her they weren't ready yet.
 Pooka surprised me by asking if she could have "the colored leaf chard" for dinner one night. She wanted to decide if she liked it before she grew it. We checked and our store doesn't carry swiss chard right now, but for the cost of a set of seeds, it will be cheaper then trying to find a bunch to try. Granted, Pooka has always been the adventurous child when it comes to food.

Daddy was surprised that I came home with more seeds. I got the Neon Swiss Chard (I couldn't find the rainbow mix, but close enough for now), a Baby Choi seed that should work well in a pot out front as well as one more variety of spinach to try. He is so understanding and he sees that we are getting out plenty for what we are putting in.
A surprise for the whole family was this little guy. We had brought some herbs in to dry from the front planting beds and found a young praying mantis come walking out of them when I reached for the basil. Surprise. We observed him for a short time, then released him on the lemon balm to continue eating all the bad bugs.

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