Wednesday, June 19, 2013

You can walk

On the back deck again. It had gotten rather out of control with pots just having been "just put it there until I decide what to do with it".  In fact, we had a very narrow path to the grill which we use at least once a day all summer.
Deck before
Things had just been put here or there, and in the end, there was no room to walk and no where to sit. Even the table on the back deck was covered in plants. Pooka was too busy playing in the yard to help, but Daddy really wanted to be able to walk again.
Deck before
Even the little rack I picked up on clearance was kinda thrown together with what would live on it. Chaos like this drives me crazy (even if you can't tell from looking at my desk).
Plant shelf before
With a little elbow grease, and some help from Daddy, we managed to actually arrange the plants in a way that made not only sense but some room for other things. First the end tables got put by the extra chairs and Pooka's lavender and a snapdragon was placed on top. There is even room for a drink or two on the table now. On the other side, the carrots are all together with the strawberries, then the eggplants.
Deck after
The black lump is our blueberry bushes. We thought we were having a problem with birds and need a "now" solution so Daddy pulled out some old window screen and draped it over them. Then you have our mystery squash and Daddy's Cubanelle peppers. The black ring trellis is in Pooka's morning glory basket, but that is a separate post on how we made it. The hanging basket that isn't hanging is holding some romaine lettuce.
Deck after
The spinach and lettuce and celery are right next to the table, with a strawberry behind one chair, the zucchini in the corner, and a lavender by the stairs. That red watering can on the table holds POoka's marigolds and we can even use these chairs since we left enough walking space around them.
Area around the table
The black thing is set up a bit better now with the Zinnia's on the top shelf, then oregano and what was suppose to be marigolds in the green Easter basket. Instead it has a couple of squash or zucchini's (That's what I get for using junk dirt). The bottom shelf is all snapdragons. The lilac is sitting next to them, with the chives and scallions on the deck in front.
shelves after
One major thing figured out. 2 million more to go. But now I can sit on my deck and enjoy the summer.

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