Sunday, May 12, 2013

More seeds...

So I already admitted I had a problem. However, I will say that not all of this is my fault. Pooka and I just started 8 more pots of seedlings.

It started when Pooka brought home some seeds from Nainai's (did I mention Pooka is learning Chinese and Nani-Nani is chinese for grandmother). Turns out, one of Nainai's coworkers had some extra squash seeds and asked if Nainai wanted them. She said no, but Pooka would. We don't know what kind of squash they are exactly, just squash, so we figure once it produces we will figure the rest out.

Then Pooka asked if we could grow marigolds since her egg flowers didn't really survive. The last one was the fact that more then once Pooka and I have looked at this new type of broccolli called Brocolli Romanesco which has this really cool geometric pattern thing going. It just happened to jump in the cart one day.
More seeds

So Pooka and I planted the squash and the broccolli. Is it a tad late to be starting broccolli, sure, but if I can nurse it along through this weird spring and summer, I will have an early crop of broccolli come fall. 

Seeds hoping to start.
The marigolds have not yet been planted since their home is currently holding a tomato. I am hoping to get that in the ground after this cold snap. The same one that has a frost warning on for tonight. Welcome to oh who knows anymore.

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