Sunday, May 19, 2013

Going to the nursery... part 1

Thursday was Pooka's last day of school, and I had made her a promise. I promised her we would go to the nursery that she got a gift certificate to for her birthday in January and she could spend it as a "graduation from preschool surprise". Pooka was very excited.

Thursday she had a wonderful day and was very happy aside from the very moment she was due to leave and fell and got road rash on both knees. What should of then been a happy goodbye ended up with her sobbing that she didn't want to leave and that her legs hurt. I even tried to remind her of the nursery trip and she said she didn't want to go.

I got her calmed down, she said goodbye to all her teachers who all said they would miss her and her helpful nature and her huge smile. I took her out the car to bandage her knees since she didn't want the bandaids in her room but the ones I keep in my car instead. After she was all better, she still didn't want to go to the nursery, but I asked if I could go since we were having homemade pasta sauce for dinner and I needed some herbs. She agreed she would go see what she wanted and make a plan on what to spend her money on. We agreed we would spend the money the following day.

Once we got there Pooka was fine. She was excited to run around and look at all the plants, but they didn't have the tomatillos she had been hoping for since Febuary. Pooka went and asked someone where they were and the nice older man replied with "Michigan". Apparently they hadn't come in yet, so we decided to use her money later.

However, Pooka helped me pick out some herbs for the front bed that we would use for dinner. She picked out a thyme, tarragon,oregano, purple basil (Her favorite kind) and parsley. I just couldn't justify buying the herbs when the plant costs the same as a packet of herbs.

Some plants for dinner.
After a long day Pooka was much better and she had some herbs for the front bed, I had the ingredients for dinner and a brand new almost kindergartener. It just didn't seem possible.

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