Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adding on to the garden

This is a project that we have been working on for awhile now. Mostly we had to wait on the weather and the rain.

In March Daddy went out and and turned the grass over around the shed. We had talked for awhile about making it another planting bed for Pooka's ever expanding garden. It sat there and sat there, and sat there. In all that time, I forgot to take a picture.

Then last Tuesday on Daddy's Mr. Mom day, he got outside and turned the dirt over again. He even got the sides put on the bed. Suddenly, it looked like a bed.

It looks like a garden bed
Daddy had added one bag of garden soil, in the side the tomatoes would live on. This helped it look a bit more filled in, but it seemed to need something

Future home of the tomatoes
But somehow, it still looked a little low on dirt. Very low on dirt, so Wednesday Pooka and I went out and bought dirt for the bed. I carried around 3 bags and put them in. Pooka helped me level it all out and she loved being able to "get dirty."
Adding more dirt with Pooka's wheelbarrow
After adding extra dirt, one corner looked right, and I had some tomatoes I desperatly needed to get into the ground. I was concerned they were getting root bound and too big to be in a small pot. Not to mention I had already had one of the growums tomatoes die in the pot, so I wanted to save the other 3. 
3 little tomatoes waiting for a home
We used our little speed square foot guide and dug our holes. But I will talk more about how we plant tomatoes another time.
Pooka digging her holes
Next thing you knew, I had 4 tomatoes in the ground. I think the 4th is a beefsteak, but the name came off the tag so I can't be too sure. Pooka called it the mystery tomato.
Finally we are in the ground.
We then added a small layer of mulch to just that corner. It was due to rain the next few days and I wanted to make sure they didn't get too much mud on their leaves since my reading said that can lead to fungus. We only mulched the corner we planted tho because we knew we would need more dirt for the rest of the beds. We just had to wait on the weather to give us another nice day that someone was actually going to be home.
Tomatoes all settled in
Friday night Daddy and I went out and bought more dirt and with everything else going on Saturday it was finally nice enough that Pooka and I went through and put all the new dirt in the beds.
Newly filled bed
A few of the beds had reclaimed soil in them from either pots that we think died off or from the seed starters after we removed the seeds. Thus this bed got some cinnamon flavorings in it. I wonder how that broccolli will taste when its grown.

At this point, Daddy wanted to mow the back yard so Pooka and I went out front to do some other jobs. We came back and Brother helped lay the mulch down in all the beds. Now we are just waiting on this unseasonably cold snap that is coming through till Monday so we can plant the rest of the beds. It is not suppose to get down to 37 in MAY. But that is another disccusion. I should have pictures of the new beds later today. We have been a tad thrown off with arrangements for Pooka's Great Grandfather. I am hoping to be back to normal later this week or early next week.

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