Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Just one more trip

As I get closer and closer to having the front beds finished, I realized that I forgot to plant parsley almost completly. Parsley of all things, which we use and dry all the time. This meant another trip to the nursery.

Pooka and I went to our favorite nursery and they had some very nice curly leaf parsley. But sadly they were out of flat leaf parsley and I love having both in the garden. So Daddy suggested restarting the seeds straight into the beds. It can't hurt right.

On the way out, Pooka found a curry plant. Pooka loves loves loves indian food so the smell alone made her very happy. I thought it would be rather nice to have a curry plant, and we had an extra spot or two to in the front bed. Pooka was able to talk us into a curry plant, that is going in one of our empty spots. I was sure I could figure out what to do with the leaves once I got it home.

Curry and parsley
Now its home, the curry and the curly leafed parsley is all planted and we managed to get some seeds for the front bed. Soon that bed will be all done, and I can may even start drying things in the next month or so. We have already been harvesting the herbs. It is so nice to have fresh herbs in the house again and the dollar a time in the yard is already adding up.

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