Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One thing done.. 800 more to go.

I think they are saying they need dirt
I have a confession to make. I finally got our overgrown tomato seedling starters in dirt. Yes, I should of done this long before now, life gets in the way. This has been bugging me for a while now, and honestly, I am just happy to not have to try and remember to make sure they have water.

I can see the sun....
All of the starters besides having been reaching for the sun, seem fairly healthy. They were not even all that root bound. I will admit most seem a tad leggy, but not in too bad a shape otherwise.

I made a second home for myself.
 A few had issues where they had developed roots into other starters, and some roots were broken getting them apart. I did this to prevent too much trama. Pooka got to fill the pots with dirt and then put the dirt around the plant
But this is better
The great thing about tomatoes is they will regrow those roots now, and most I made sure to keep some of the stem in the dirt to do just that.
All these come in every night and go out every morning for a bit.
Now to harden them all off so I can get them outside and then into the ground. I think sadly these guys may be closer to the end of the month before I get them in. However, today I am focusing on the fact they are done. Next I need to get to work on my peppers and the one sad and lonely carrot.

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