Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Going to the Nursery

Monday Pooka and I went to the nursery. We were hoping to buy a bigger rosemary plant and some romaine lettuce for salads. However, it didn't go the way we hoped.

They didn't have any big rosemary plants. Instead, they had a little guy, and the romaine had been hit by a late frost.  Pooka and I use alot of rosemary in our Rosemary Garlic bug spray and Pooka's new Rosemary hair rinse. So hopefully this little guy likes his new pot and gets bigger fast. He got placed in the same pot that had some cumin seeds didn't survive in. At least it was already full of dirt.
New Rosemary going into a pot
Pooka and I also bought a new lavender plant. Our other ones didn't seem to handle the winter very well. I think they drowned.
Baby lavender
We got this since I found Pooka a Lavender Rosemary hair rinse she wants to try. Plus, lavender is very calming and I am hoping to remember to use the flowers this year. Although the tag did come with a nice little recipe for Lavender lemonade. Since Pooka loves lemonde, I am sure this will be tried at least once.
Lemonade anyone?
However, we have had an issue with having enough pots this year. Well I was out recently at Kmart and got this little guy for 75% off which is cheaper then a regular plastic pot. Pooka picked out the color.
Easter--No, its a pot now.
It did not have drainage holes, but that was easily fixed. I got lazy and didn't feel like finding Daddy's drill bits, but a screw worked quite well when Pooka and I went to add holes. There are a few that Pooka did "all by myself" while I just held the drill since it is kinda heavy.

Making holes
 Add a coffee filter and some dirt and the lavender looks quite happy now. I may have to repot it soon into a bigger pot, but right now, we are a bit cramped for space. Plus it makes a Pooka happy to see her "silly pot."
Happy little lavender

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