Thursday, May 16, 2013

A nice little teachers gift

Pooka wanted to make something very special for her preschool teachers since this is her last year there and she will be going to Kindergaten (*sniff sniff*) in the fall. This year she wanted to give them something they could keep to remember her by, and as a Pooka thinks, that means a plant.

Pots ready to be "made pretty"
We wanted to make sure the plant had a special container they could use even after the plant died, so Pooka decorated the pot. You will need a terra cotta pot (whatever size you want to use, I think ours are 6"), scissors, glue and ribbon. We tried using pom poms, that failed so I don't recommend them.
The supplies
First we wrapped the ribbon around our pot and measured out some extra to tie a pretty bow on it. We then cut it to length. We actually used the last of the spool with the rainbow, so Pooka used a different ribbon for each teacher.
Measure your ribbon
Pooka then poured white school glue around the outside of the pot where we were going to place our ribbon. As long as it is dry the first time you water it, it seems to hold fine and I am not worrying about a Pooka and superglue.
add glue
Next we wrapped the ribbon around the pot and used our fingers to make sure the glue hit all the parts of the ribbon. We then tied a nice bow in the front and glued the bow in place so it should not come untied.
Add ribbon and tie a bow
We glued the pots and then let them sit for a few days to dry. You could probably get away with just letting them dry overnight, but life got in the way. Once dry, we filled them with potting soil.
Add dirt
Pooka had picked out some pretty purple and white flowers. and placed one in each pot. You don't have to buy real expensive flowers, but these were the ones Pooka chose and they work very well in this. We had a few extra that Pooka got to plant for herself. We did buy the saucers for the plants in case some of the teachers want to use them inside they don't have to worry about water on their desks.

The final product
Pooka took the final picture. She loves her presents for her teacher and has been waiting to take them to them. Life kept her out of school until today. She has already reminded me 4 times to take them. I think she is a bit excited to see what her teachers say.


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  2. Cathy

    Thank you, I will keep it in mind and try to drop by today. Thank you for inviting me.