Monday, May 13, 2013

Last of the transplants Into pots.

On Wednesday Pooka and I had a super busy day, however, we really needed to finish transplanting some plants. I really just want them out of our house.

First we transplanted the last of the grow ums. This is the carrot seedling that has done really well in the computer room by window.
We transplanted it into an old trash can we found in the shed last year. It should give it some good room to grow.
Grow Ms. Carrot. Grow.
We also had some late started pepper seeds. I had re-seeded this fairly late, so I am hoping we have enough time to get something out of it. I still maintain I hate this seed starter type since even here you can see the issues with mold all over everything. I do believe these are the peppers we planted in these spots.
Now they are planted into pots. I will be hardening them off as soon as the weather cooperates. It may still be a bit cold out there for them. Stupid cold snaps.

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