Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tidying up

With all the transplanting, a few more minor things have been pushed to the side. As a result, it seemed that everything was getting a tad untidy. Now while this didn't mother me too much, it was one more thing I needed to work on. In times like now where I am trying to play catch up, that one more thing can drive me nuts.

A perfect example of this was that the sunflowers needed tired up. It is a five minute job, but one that gets put on the back burner way too easily.
Sunflowers before
 The sunflowers had fallen over, the weeds were getting bad mostly due to the rain, and you could barely see some of our sunflowers. 10 minutes, the plant tape and a pair of garden shears and it looked much much better. You could really see the height the sunflowers have started to reach. A few will be needing taller supports very soon. I am happy to say we only lost one velvet sunflower. The velvets are smaller, but they look healthy.
Sunflowers after
 Another thing I realized this morning was that the tomatillos are getting fairly good sized, and would need some support soon. Especially with all the flowers on them. I was getting worried if I didn't them some support soon, I may not be able to get a tomato cage on them.
Tomatillos before
During the tomatillo caging process, we had one flower that was given in sacrifice to the gardening gods. May they have a wonderful harvest as we hope to.
The tomatillo for the gods
 After a bit of trial and error between me and Pooka (especially since I have never used a real tomato cage before) we got the tomatillos supported. You can really start to see how much they have grown. We hope to get some good crops out of them.
Tomatillos after
While I had the cages out, I realized I really needed to get them on "Captain Eggplant" as Pooka calls him. That is the name that the Growum's call it, and thats what she has decided their names are. Anyway, Captain Eggplant and his little buddy were getting rather big as well and I wanted to get them supported since supposedly they can get a bit heavy as well.
Eggplant before
 A bit less fumbling from Pooka and I and we had the cages on. However, I forgot that since they are in pots, the cage won't go down as far as they will in the dirt, so they stand up a bit taller. But this should help the eggplants from trying to take over the deck.
Eggplant after
I did manage to get the peas connected to the trellis and the deck a bit better this afternoon. However, I was running in and out between storms, so there is no good pictures. I can say for certain we have not only flowers on our peas, but I saw a few pea pods as well. Pooka might be able to harvest her first pea in the coming days.
While there is still plenty to do (trellis's for the morning glory, squash and zuchinni, weeding, start corralling the tomatoes, ect), it is nice to be able to say the day was not wasted, and I knocked off a few things off the old list. 4 things done. 200 to go.

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