Friday, May 3, 2013

5 minutes at a time.

Sometimes just working in 5 minutes bursts you can actually accomplish something.  In alot of cases, I can accomplish many things, if I just do the "random puttering" as Daddy calls it.

A few minutes meant getting tomatoes transplanted
In 5- 10 minutes I can: Transplant 4 tomatoes


Or tie up the falling over plants

Sprouting lettuce and spinach

Or go through and see what is sprouting.

Plant or replant seeds

Or maybe we can get some new seeds put in the dirt, or replant ones that died.

The new lavender in a bucket

Or transplant new plants
A quick harvest last year

Once things are in the ground, a 5-10 minute walk through the garden, I can grab a few weeds and harvest anything that is ready.

It is not a matter of having alot of time, just using the time you have. I can break it up or try to find one full day to do it all in. Now to remember this when we all feel overwhelmed. Plus, when you garden in short spurts with a Pooka, she doesn't wander off on you.

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