Thursday, May 9, 2013

An Early Mother's Day gift

Tuesday Daddy was home playing Mr. Mom. I had to be into work early, so he decided to take a whole day off and maybe get some things done around the house. Apparently one of the things he wanted to do was get me a new lilac from my Grandmother's house.

Happy Mother's Day to me
You see, I asked for a new one for Mother's day since only one of mine from last year survived. Well he came through. Apparently the one he uprooted was a bit bigger then he thought it was.

I came home from work to find it sitting in a pot on the sidewalk by the front porch. I was so surprised, I forgot poor Lucky in the car.

Daddy asked if we just wanted to plant it straight into it's spot in the ground to hopefully get it well rooted. Since it's spot is in the front bed full of garden soil with some extra potting soil thrown on the lilac from the pot, we are hoping it takes. So Pooka, Daddy and I are out there, me still in my work clothes getting my plant into the ground.

Please don't die
It went in with little issue. We did stake a bit of a cage around it to make sure it grows straight at least until we are sure its well rooted. Here is to hoping that it doesn't get too much of a transplant shock. I did ask Pooka if she could ask Green Thumb and the fairies to take extra special care of this. I really hope it it holds on okay. Cross your fingers for me please.

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