Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Already seeing flowers

As many parts of the country, we have had a good chunk of rain come through with more due the next day or so.

However, all the rain has been doing really well for Pooka's garden. In fact, we have started to see our first sets of flowers.

I wish I could say this was my first stargazer from the bulbs we bought. But sadly, those have yet to even break the surface. However, Daddy brought me home a stargazer that had yet to bloom on Mother's day, so I was suprised when this bloomed yesterday.
Pooka's strawberry plants from last year have their first bloom. They did okay over the winter, but it looks like they are ready to start gearing up for another year as well.

Tomato flowering
This tomato plant from the growums kit has been in the ground for over 2 weeks. It saw the nights of frost and yet seems rather happy. I don't know for sure if it will actually produce fruit yet, but I gave it a good dose of dry milk powder at the base under the mulch to help it along.
The cucumber plant we just got in the ground a few days ago is flowering as well. I had to pull buds off when I planted it and I am wondering if I missed one. I doubt much will come from this flower, but hopefully the cucumber likes its new home.
Goodbye blooms, hello fruit
In some cases the flowers have already finished blooming like the ones on this blueberry bush. Here is to hoping we get our first blueberry yeild. It looks like at least some of them took.

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