Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plants for a cause

A while back, Pooka and I went to get Brother a second potato bag for his blue potatoes. Well, I was having a very just down day and Pooka noticed some Stargazer lillies on sale. Now we all know I love stargazers, but I just didn't feel like another plant. No matter how easy. I was about to say no when I realized the proceeds went to Breast Cancer research. A cause that has hit my family before and is worth supporting. I asked Pooka where we should put this since frankly I didn't have a clue. "In a pot" was her simple answer, and then I decided to get a couple pots to put by the front door for them. Into the cart they went to come home and then into the gardening drawers when we got home.
Stargazers for a cause
Fast forward to recently when I realized I should get them in the ground. Not knowing or finding anything I really liked, I picked these up cheap at Walmart and decided I didn't care if they were ugly, they would hold dirt.
Pots with dirt
They hold dirt fairly well, and I let Pooka pull out the bulbs. We put 3 in one pot and 2 in the other. Although now I can't remember which on has how many. I guess it gets to be a surprise for later. We again recycled some of the dirt from the failed radishes since I don't think those worms will be a problem here as well as some extra potting soil.
Pooka enjoyed pulling the bulbs out of the mulch. She said she was on a treasure hunt. It also facinated her how the roots had grown so long and the texture of the bulbs.

Go down 4-6"
I will be honest, I have never had good luck with bulbs. But this time I read the directions 3 times, and I dug my hole 6" down.

Pointy bit goes up
Then we placed the bulb in the bottom of the hole with the pointy end aimed at the sky and very carefully replaced the dirt.Pooka took it one more step further and replaced the mulch from the bag on the 2 pots. Now they are sitting on either side of my garage door and all I can do is hope for signs of life.

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