Saturday, April 6, 2013

It is a Jungle in here

The novelty of all the plants is wearing off. I swear, it was neat at first, but now, I am tired of having my house torn up so we can have plants at all the windows. I mean really it is getting old right now.
Pooka's desk in front of the plants
Every window on the first floor is at least 3 rows deep with plants. I never said I liked plants for the sake of plants, and right now I want to get some food out of these guys. Not to mention, I am afraid we may not get any peppers at all, and we eat and are planning to use a TON of peppers.

The plants blocking the dogs window.
At the same time, I know this is just me having a bit of spring fever. It is finally really nice outside, and Pooka and I are coming up with excuses to be outside more. Now to start getting plants out and into sunlight more often so they really take off.

The longer table in front of the other window.
Not to mention I need to free up my windows. The dog is rather unhappy she can't look out the ones in the front to see who is here, and Pooka's desk in our computer room is in the middle of the room so the plants can go behind it. Although Pook has claimed the corner between her desk and the plants as her "private space." It is giving me a use for my new $15 3 tier plant stand. For now, I will just be happy to clear off the extra table in my kitchen.
A second table with our new plant stand.
 Hurry up last frost date. I want my house back.

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