Monday, April 1, 2013

New friends

One of the wonderful Christmas presents Pooka recieved was a butterfly garden kit. Pooka loved the idea but has waited (mostly) patiently until I told her we could order the caterpillars due to it being too cold.
The gift Pooka had to wait to open
Last Monday, I finally gave in and opened the box to see what I had to do to get the caterpillars. It seems you have to go to their website and after a $5 shipping fee, our little friends were on the way.

Pooka has been so excited for the butterflies after having her Black swallowtails last fall. On Saturday she recieved a little box in the mail. Even with the fact I told Daddy what I ordered, he was a bit leery of a box that says "live insects".

Mail Call for Pooka.
Inside was a little cup with some directions. Turns out, her little caterpillar friends will spend their entire caterpillar lives in the cup. Once they form their crysallis, then we can remove them from said cup and put them in the butterfly house.
Caterpillar A, Pooka named them all, but I don't know which is which
Our little cup had 4 bigger caterpillars and one very tiny little guy. It is nice to not have to feed these guys. These are suppose to be Painted Lady butterflies. So they will look nothing like our little black swallowtail friends. Now we wait and see how long it takes before they get into their sleeping bags.
The other 4 caterpillars, but they don't photograph well in the cup
Pooka did recieve a bug viewer from the Easter Bunny. I wonder how long before she asks to see her friends in it. She also found the "Other live insects we offer" paperwork in the box. Now she wants lady bugs and other bugs. At least the lady bugs would be good for the garden...

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