Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another Experiment

Last week for dinner we need scallions. They were going into a crock pot meal, which smelled good, if our crock pot hadn't decided to die and just not turn on. However, we still had the scallion roots.

Pooka and I have seen all over the internet that scallions can be regrown from their roots. Maybe it is true. Maybe it is another way the internet lies. But the celery regrew last year (until something ate it), so it was worth trying if for nothing more then giggles. Pooka loved the idea, but she loves anything that lets her try new things, I mean she is trying to learn Chinese, sign language and spanish right now on top of the garden.
Scallions anyone?
Pooka dropped them into a glass of water. Getting them arranged so only a few were fully summerged was a bit of a trick, especially since when I cut the roots off, I didn't plan on doing this, so I cut a few kinda small. I ended up using toothpicks to kind prop them up. It didn't work all that well, but it was something. Pooka thought we should drop the whole box in, but I am not sure that would do any good either. 
Proping up the onions.
The scallions sat on my counter for a week. They are doing something, although most of them were getting kinda nasty looking, so we threw those away.
So far its working.
It looks like it works. Pooka was so excited she wanted to call Daddy and tell him the good news that her onions were growing after she called brother in to look from the other room. I am not saying I will keep a cup of roots on my counters just yet. The celery looked good for awhile before it died. But compared to how my seeded spring onion/scallions are doing, it may be our only hope of getting onions. Unless I go buy sets from the nursery. Maybe I should just stop trying scallions, I just don't know.
The spring onion seedlings didn't survive transplant.

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