Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Verdict on Growing Celery and Garlic

A verdict has been reached on two of the bigger experiments.

Experiment 1: Growing Celery from root end of store bought.

Pooka's picture of Celery 1 month in
While this did work, I think I may of killed it when I moved the cherry tomatoes back to give it more sun light. It was doing fine until then. There does seem to be some new growth on it as well, so I left it in there for now. I think next time I may need to A) research it first and see what it prefers B) Pot it a bit nicer instead of just kinda pushing it into the dirt and going "lets see what happens"

Garlic sprouts and loss of a plant
   Experiment 2: Growing Garlic from cloves that sprouted in the fridge.

Again, this worked really well. So far the garlic has been in the ground for 17 days. Its grown quite well in that time, and I am amazed a bit with how well. I don't know if I will get full bulbs of Garlic from it due to how late I planted it, but at least we can have Garlic scallions. Garlic will be planted in the ground come fall just to see what we get for the spring.

One last note. Some of you may remember the pepper plant that could. This is the one that fought so hard after being squished by Daddy and eaten by bugs. He lived next to these two garlic plants. I have seen no sign of him for a few days. So I think its safe to say we have lost that battle. RIP little sweet pepper plant. You gave it a good run

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