Thursday, July 19, 2012

To Buy or to seed....

I will be honest, I bought the pablano plants and the yellow pepper. I kinda thought this meant they would be the first to produce, but its hasn't been the case.
Pablano Pepper plants taller then Pooka

The store bought plants are growing great guns. I had to support them awhile ago. One of the pablano plants is bigger then Pooka.  But I realized today the store bought plants have yet to show an actual pepper. They have flowered (in some cases, this is the pablano's second set of flowers) but they haven't actually made a pepper.

Today I found green peppers on my tiny green pepper plants. They are good sized peppers that were hidden in the leaves.  Now the green pepper plants are smaller then the rest. We started them from seed, I knew it was just a waiting game. The same with the sweet pepper mix we had bought. Those are in some cases smaller, in other larger then the store bought, but they are doing well. 

Surprise Peppers
Pooka's little seedlings that she has nurtured and sent Green Thumb to play with have peppers.  The plants from seed I actually thought I started late, thus why they were taking so long and were smaller. 
Sweet and Green peppers from seed (With cucumbers visiting). 

What does this mean?  That I think from now on, I may stick to seed. It will probably also depend on what kind of yields we get, but for right now, the seeds are winning . 

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