Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seeds and Ends

Well, the heat finally found a victim I was willing to surrender. For awhile now, the cilantro had been trying to bolt to seed. I had fought it, being out there every day pulling flowers off it, telling it that I refused to let it go. Once the week plus of 100 degree heat hit, well, I couldn't justify frying my feet on the deck to save it and let Nature take its course. Nature came all right, and this is sadly what is left. The upside is that when cilantro produces seeds they are actually called coriander (something else we can cook with). Which we are thinking to replant at least some of once the weather cools a bit. Daddy is looking forward to being able to roast some for cooking. In the meantime, we have one little cilantro plant. Apparently it had reseeded itself when I wasn't looking.  

Pooka is sad over the state of her cilantro. It was the first plant she was able to harvest, and had given some to everyone for Mother's Day. She was so proud of that plant, she tried to give some friends of ours fresh cilantro for their wedding. Seeing the new plant helps, but when I told her we could replant it when we plant her carrots in the fall, she was better. I think she is already thinking about getting all dirty making a new pots.

The cilantro or more precisely Coriander.

Today we harvested another cucumber. We have had some so far, but we have yet to be overwhelmed, partially due to the fact that both Pooka and Brother LOVE LOVE cucumber. They will eat it raw with or without dip. However, today we harvested this little guy. Pooka's comment "Mommy, It looks funny. What happened to the end?" I told her that's just the way it decided to grow. Pooka: "Well, can we ask the rest of the cucumbers to not grow like that, I don't like the funny end."

The "interesting" cucumber

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