Friday, July 6, 2012

Rascally Wabbits

A couple of days ago, our dog got a bit sick. Vet thought it might be from Rabbit poop. We live a bit in the country but in a subdivision. Okay, rabbits happen. We got her meds, we moved on.

This morning, I was out walking in the garden. I had no idea what I was going to talk about today, and hoped inspiration would strike. I noticed some gray fur in the middle of our yard. I had Pooka with me, and I sent her in the house. Our big dog has managed to catch a rabbit or 2 in her past, so I figured we would have to clean it up and move on... But there was no blood, a relativity small amount of fur or anything else...

That's when I rounded the corner and saw another Rabbit against the house... I had the mental thought that she was kind dumb being that close to what could be a dead relative. I took one more step and she bolted... That's when I saw movement behind her...

Guess whats living in our yard? A burrow of baby bunnies. Now while these pictures don't show it, there were maybe 3 of them, all with eyes closed. I will admit to telling Mom she was very very dumb since I have a 80+ lb husky lab mix. Great place to put a nest in the open. No protection what so ever.   

I just got off the phone with a master naturalist friend of mine. She said I can't call the city to come collect them but we can move them as soon as they open their eyes and are hopping around outside the nest. Which could be 10 days to 2 weeks. The city won't move them.

Meanwhile, I am worrying for the bunnies, the garden and my dog (I don't need to relive the last time she had raw meat... I almost went vegan after that.).  Oh and did I mention I am watching my mom's rat terrier this weekend... Or worse, the kids finding either dog bloody or having the dog trying to share with them.

I know the fur will need cleaned up, I am leaving that to Daddy. Beyond that, well I guess I get to make more phone calls. I found a link with some phone numbers of people Department of natural resources says can remove nuisance wild life. I may call to see what it would cost to get them removed to a safer location. 

I guess this should teach me to hope inspiration would strike. Be careful what you wish for.

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