Wednesday, July 18, 2012


The cucumbers have been growing, and growing and maybe eating small mammals. I spent a good chunk of yesterday out there putting more stakes in for them to climb in the front of the bed. I was afraid if I put a string or a trellis there, I will not be able to get to our wonderful cucumbers.  However, I do not want them deciding to grow into the yard since we may still need to mow at some point (if it ever rains or the heat lets up, or if I actually get grass seed in the dead area in front of the bed).

The original bed location
The cucumbers have filled their bed and have climbed the trellis up to the railing and are half way up that. Upside, I don't have to leave the deck to get cucumbers. Downside... It may be taller then me. I know its taller then Pooka. I may have to look into pruning them, but I dont want to lose any actual Cucumbers (or potential cucumbers).
The cucumbers are wandering off.

This picture shows how it has wrapped around the deck and is following the trellis halfway down that side. I had to put more stakes in this area so that the pepper plants that are finally starting to produce don't get strangled. I think I spend more of my time right now collecting and directing the tendrils of the cucumber away from things I want. If you have really really good eyesight, you will see the yellow flowers that are all over the thing, if not, well trust me, they are there.

Oh and we have even more pepper shaped things on the pepper plants. That made a very happy Pooka.

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