Saturday, July 7, 2012

Rascally Wabbits part duex

Yesterday you all heard how we found a burrow of baby bunnies.

After talking to a Master naturalist, I did some more research. I found the Department of Natural resources list of approved animal removal guys. I called one at our local Orkin. I talked to him briefly and he told me what the master naturalist did. They wouldn't survive if he moved them, it would cost a pretty penny, and he recommended just fencing them in till they were big enough. 

He did say he knew a lady that took in orphaned animals but that given the time of year it is, she is probably too full to take them. He said he would call me later Friday with her number. I decided it was going to be fencing in, and I was trying to figure out how when the phone rang about an hour or so later. 

It was the Orkin guy. Apparently he had found the number of the lady that took in animals. Turns out he had called her on my behalf and she agreed to take them if I could get them in a box and across town in an hour. 

I said "Sure, this is wonderful, thank you so much." Hung up and went in search of a box. The hard part came in telling Pooka and brother that we had bunnies, but we had to move them so they didn't get hurt playing with the dog. 

Brother was more excited that we had bunnies and wanted to see them. 

Pooka had a hard time wrapping her head around how our gentle dog might accidently hurt the bunnies. But I explained that she wouldn't mean to, but the babies were super fragile and Dog doesn't always know how big she is. I put some gloves on and tore apart the burrow. Turns out we had 4 baby bunnies in there. From the looks of things, the dog never got anyone (thank goodness), she had just torn part of the burrow's protective fur out. 

Why hello little Bunnies...
Now I brought the box to the back door, showed the kids who immediately fell in love, and we all went to get in the car. 

Off to be saved.. and in the front seat.
That was probably one of the longest car rides in my life. Pooka and Brother decided to name the bunnies. Martin, Aviva, Blur and Spotsquatch (They said it has something to do with Wild Kratz). Pooka also asked if we could please keep them and raise them ourselves. She promised to take care of them, and when I explained they were wild bunnies, she said "if I raise them they won't be."  

With a Pooka's heart broken, she helped me carry the box of babies into the building, they said goodbye one last time, told the poor receptionist their names, and we left. The nice lady would be there later to collect them. 

Goodbye little ones and good luck
I would love to tell you Pooka was okay, but she cried for a bit. In an vain attempt to cheer her, we stopped at Target and I wanted to show her toys to take her mind off it. Turns out Target also had a toy baby bunny that was a bit larger then ones we just dropped of. I let Pooka have one to remind her of the bunnies and that cheered her up. Spotsquatch has now gone just about everywhere with us, but at least if we leave him in the car, it won't hurt him. 

So Pooka is happy, the dog has free rein of the yard again, the Bunnies are safe and with someone who will care for them. The burrow was destroyed. All in all, this is the best end to this story.  

Martin, Aviva, Blur and Spotsquatch, Good luck. To Momma Bunny, PLEASE find a new yard to nest in. 

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