Thursday, July 5, 2012

After only a month...

So I was flipping through some old pictures yesterday and I was shocked how big everything has gotten. I guess by looking at things day to day, you don't notice as much as if you only see it once and a while. You would think I would know this, I mean I have kids, but that's a whole other issue. 

Today, I am just going to look at what has changed in a month.

Pablanos and Broccoli 6-5

A month ago, the pablanos and broccoli were growing but still looked small.  

Pablanos and Broccoli taken 7-5-12

Today the Pablanos are getting to be good sized. They are flowering like mad, but have yet to have a pepper on them. The broccoli looks to have gone wild, but it hasn't produced any florets yet either. Turns out Broccoli does not like summer, but we are leaving it to see what happens with it in the fall.

Sweet and Bell peppers 6-6-12

The Sweet and bell peppers still had a struggling plant, but were small due to me not starting them early enough. But they were finally starting to show some growth. 

Sweet and bell peppers today 7-5-12

Now the Bell peppers are doing well. They are getting large enough to need some help with supports and while they are getting there, they are starting to finally flower. Again, one day I will learn when to start these suckers since I think alot of the science aspect for Pooka is seeing it grow from seed and not just going out and buying an already established plant (and it is cheaper). 

Cucumbers 6-6-12

The Cucumbers were smaller, but getting good sized. They were just waiting to have enough room to sprawl. 

Cherry tomatoes 6-6-12

Big tomatoes 6-6-12
The Cherry tomatoes were beginning to go nuts. Just like their big Tomato cousins. They had room and were going to make use of it. They had started to really sprawl but were taking some time. 

Cucumbers and Tomatoes 7-5-12

Container garden 6-6-12
Today the cucumbers have begun climbing the trellis, they have reached the deck in a few places and are starting to climb the railings. The Tomato plants (all of them) are quite happy and have green fruit on them. Just a bit more patience and we will have tomoates coming out of our ears. Did I mention the tomatoes plants are probably 5 ft tall? Yeah, they are quite happy.
Container garden 6-6-12

The containers were few and small, but they were started. The cilantro was going nuts, the herbs had been bought since they decided to not start this year. 

Container garden 7-5-12
The lettuce had just been planted, we never expected anything out of it. The chives were in the ground, the herbs bought to replace ones that had never sprouted.

Today the containers are overflowing. We have fresh strawberries daily. The morning glory is ready to eat us (although it looks sad here, it has been super hot and it needed more water). The herbs are all growing, including the seeds we had given up on. We have added more plants, rosemary, purple basil, thyme, a second lavender, Dill. ect. All in all, this are is becoming as much a jungle as the tomatoes (although you can see those behind the strawberries on the table on the far side). The chives are finally growing. I am glad this is one plant that will be back next year since I have yet to get much out if it this year. 

Isn't it amazing what can happen in just a month. Hopefully this time next month, I will have food coming out my ears. Or at least a super happy Pooka since that is the only real goal. (Getting something for all the work is just a huge bonus.) 

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