Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Another reason I should never give up on plants...

Today, I was surprised by 2 of the plants in Pooka's garden. One I was hoping I was wrong on, but the other I thought for sure was a waste of resources at this point.

I had long since given up on the broccoli. I thought for sure it had bolted and we would never get anything out of it. I was actually contemplating pulling it out soon so I could start figuring out where I wanted to plant some garlic for fall.  In fact, after planting it, I realized I had planted it too late, so that was a good chunk of the reasoning behind the fact I thought it wouldn't produce and I should pull it.  Pooka on the other hand kept telling me that she wanted broccoli off it. Especially since it had the butterflies on it that one day.

So imagine my surprise this morning when Pooka and I went outside to look at the plants and I glanced at the broccoli and actually saw a head starting to form. It is small and it may only be one bite, but I am going to leave the broccoli and see what happens. Who knows, maybe the plant that is almost as big as Pooka will sprout some next. Maybe we could have Garlicky broccoli for dinner yet using our own broccoli (Or at least partially made by home grown broccoli).
I see you....

We then walked over to the pepper plants. We are a huge pepper family. Pooka and brother love to sit down and eat one as a snack, with or without dip. At this point, we knew it was still a tad early, but I was really worried that they just weren't going to produce at all since they had been attacked by the bugs pretty early on. 

We finally found the beginnings of an actual pepper on one of the sweet pepper plants. Let's just say Pooka was rather excited. I have had to tell her a few times now she needs to wait till it gets bigger.  Now the question is what kind of pepper is it. We had planted a Sweet pepper mix, so did the green peppers and the sweet peppers cross pollinate with the pablano? So will we have a orange or red pepper that is spicy or will it be sweet? Only time and patience can tell.  

The new question will be what will this taste like. 

This is yet again another reminder that I need to let Mother Nature do her thing on her own time. She is a busy lady and I can't force it, but I really wish she would pay attention to what it says on the seed pouches. Or better yet, I could look at the "Days till harvest " information then worry. I guess this is another moment of "Gee, if you read the packet, you may not seem so silly."

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