Monday, July 23, 2012

The Life Cycle

Remember back when I talked about how the heat had won against the Cilantro. Do you see something missing? 
One sad little Cilantro
We pulled out the flowered/seeded Cilantro. Pooka was not as upset as I expected telling me "Its part of the life cycle Mom". I did some research online and it said to take the cilantro and hang it upside down in your garage so that it could dry out. So that's where our cilantro is now.

Hanging around
I promised Pooka in a couple of weeks or so that we can replant the seeds we are getting from her cilantro and regrow it with the other fall veggie we are trying this year, carrots. Stay tuned to see how this works out for us (and cross your fingers the coriander doesn't get lost on the garage floor before we can get into a bag for Pooka).

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