Friday, July 27, 2012

From yard to Jar

Well today was a bit of a busy day here. Aside from the usual insanity, Daddy was home. He is starting his vacation today so we are looking forward to having him around a bit more.

One of the perks was having an extra adult to help with the morning harvest (that I fully admit, I didn't do yesterday). Daddy being involved got Brother involved as well and we had a fairly large harvest. Due in part to people accidently knocking off ones still orange while trying to grab the red ones.

5 cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and a hidden strawberry

We had a ton of cherry tomatoes, 5 cucumbers (well, closer to 4 and a quarter), and 1 strawberry. However, Daddy and I weren't sure what to do with the cucumbers. We knew there were a few more going to be ready in a couple of days, so what could we do with them.

Fortunately, not to long ago when we did our FIRST EVER foray into canning (before we even had the blog this summer), I had found a Refrigerator Bread and Butter pickle recipe that had some veggies in it. It went over fairly well at the family thing we took it to, although it was a bit sweet for our taste.

Well on our second attempt, we had some pablano's sitting around with no real plan for them, but no green pepper, so we said "Let's see what if the kick of the peppers helps tone down the sweet." Will it work? I don't know for sure yet. But we are going to wait and see. I will let you all know what the verdict is.

Spicy and Sweet Pickled Veggies
This is the finished product. We got it all in the jars and mellowing nicely. It will take 3-5 days in the fridge, but it should hopefully turn out nice then. But I am proud of the turn around time. It went from Yard to Jar in less then 12 hours.

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