Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thinking Thurs

I had hoped to post about a project Pooka and I had been working on today, but without going into details that are not mine to share. Let me just say today has been one of those days you swear the world is telling you how hard it can make things for you and those you love while being completely unfair to everyone involved.

Instead, I am just going to show you the one thing that I am looking at to remind me of good times.  It may be awkward and it may not be the most beautiful specimen, but it is here on a day where I need something good. I walked out back this morning to find it had opened, right after the world decided to be dumb. It was nice to have something good to think on besides the bad. 

My first stargazer and bringer of good thoughts
So here is to happy thoughts and holding hands with those who care.

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